What is google plus collections ?

What is google plus collections ?

What is google plus collectionsIntroducing Google+ Collections, An attractive way to organize your posts by topics.
People on Google+ are really happy users rather then being on any other social platform and connect with others around shared interests and passions. So we set out to give people a place to express the things they love. It has been announced Google + Collection, a new way to group your posts by topic. Google Plus Collections, the topic-focused grouping feature coming to Google’s social network that new users today through he G+ app. So as you know that in social media having several platform are available like YouTube, instagram twitter etc. But recent time twitter is big platform to user using them, so increase twitter retweets for free as you can buy them in few dollars that is almost free charge you need to pay for the retweets on your posts.

How to personalize a Google + Collection?

As it is a new and amazing feature from Google and here is a guide covering just about everything you’ll need to know ! Want to give a personal touch to your collection? I think its very easy and you can do it yourself in few seconds.
We initially thought that the appearance of collection was happening with the Google+ update, but we went ahead and installed it and are seeing the option for collections. Collection feature is controlled server-side rather than the app itself.

How to Use Google+ Collection for Business?

Google+ Collection allows you to categorize your updates by topic, which helps your followers quickly find updates for the topics they are interested in.

Share Good Tips to get more followers : Hello, Friends if your Google + share a lot of valuable tips then you should organize them into collection like the Google Web masters page does. Collection give your Google+ followers a preview kind of advice they can expect to see from your page.

Campaigning of Documents: If you participate in specific campaigns, like nonprofits do, you can use Google+ collection to document those campaigns. One billion Acts of Peace does this with collections about their launch and individual missions. These collections show your Google+ followers what campaigns your organization runs and how they can be a part of those campaigns.

Organized Ideas: When you share lots of great ideas, Google+ Collections can help you organize them. Most interesting part of this feature is for those who are working with creative ideas and get more attention from their followers. These collections help followers find ideas that fit the things they enjoy doing., whether it’s craft, hosting parties or cooking. Great ideas sometimes are more valuable than great things, as they can impact on society with more power.

Highlighting Important things to do: Google+ Pages for places can use collections to highlight the best things to do in a specific geographic area. This way it is very easy for those who want to visit some places. This feature shows the highlights when the city is in bloom and notable landmarks to visit. And if followers on your page are getting updates about the things they want to do when they travel to any place they will prefer your recommendations.

Categorize free products: If your business is selling products by offering related freebies, you can use Google+ Collections to categorize those freebies. There is nothing wrong in promoting your business while sharing valuable content along with some free products. So the collection will guided your followers with more information about the business or to the tips that will help them most. It is quite economical when your business offers different types of products and services then classify different offerings with their Google+ collections

Inspire Customers at all stages: Your business has customers at all stages: Potential customers, current customers and former customers. Inspiration is something which allows your customers to work for a longer time. It is good quality to inspire the followers on your google + page so that customers at all stages can support your brand name. When we are inspired seeing a quotation of some big brand we automatically attract towards that and want to be its part for life long. This type of thing not only inspires our customers but it keeps them bounded with us for a long term .

Pros and Cons of Using Google Plus:
The unique features of Google+ are what make it valuable to business. These features help an organization stand out from their competitors, reap the benefits of the platform and perform better across their website, social and search. In collections, which should be available on mobile and the web when it launches, users can create collection of photos, likes and videos, or follow other user’s collections. Google suggests to early users of collections that these are themed channels of content that could focus on any thing from Salsa to Paragliding.

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